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Exchange-Traded Fund

A big portion of my investments are in ETF; The passive income they generate is unpredictable but so far on average I get 1000€ each month. My top 3 ETF are:


- Selma (click here if you want to start investing in Selma)

- Fidelity (click here if you want to start investing in ETF with Degiro)

- T. Rowe

See below the overview and screenshots of my monthly ETF performance since January 2019 

Personal Robot Investor

Selma is great if you don't want to waste time while you invest, just click below "invest with me" and you will have a personal robot that will invest for you buying everything is cheap in the market now.


ETF american found

Almost 40% of my money invested in ETF are in smaller US companies whose market capitalization falls within or falls below the range covered by the Russell 2500 Index


ETF Technology found

Almost 40% of my money invested in ETF are spread in companies leaders in creating new technological products, processes or services.



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